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All of my life I've dreamed of being able to make a difference and help those who truly need it.  But, never did I have the opportunity to really reach out and help people on a personal basis the way I did with BOC. When I went on a medical trip to Haiti, I was able to really feel like I had accomplished something great.  We were able to give love and medical care to those that are unfortunately unable to get either. We might not have helped EVERYONE but we did help over 1,400 people in one week, and every little bit counts. If you share a similar dream, I encourage to join up with us and help one person at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.

~Ian Bates


Traveling Team FAQs

How much does it cost to go on a trip?
Each Traveling Team member must pay for his or her own trip. On average, each trip costs $1,800. This includes transportation, accommodations, meals and medical supplies that will be used on the trip.

How can I raise the money?
Most volunteers raise their funds by reaching out to friends and family. Bread of Compassion can provide sample letters for team members to share with those they wish to ask for support.

How long do we work?
Trips usually last between 8-10 days.  Team Members must be in good health and be prepared to work 12-hour days.

Where do we sleep?
Depending on where the team is traveling, team members may sleep in guest houses, hostels, tents or empty buildings. Often times these are simple dwellings, much like camping. Team members do not always have the luxury of electricity and running water, however, Bread of Compassion partners with local leaders to provide our teams with security.

What do we eat?

Bread of Compassion hires a local cook to prepare meals for each Traveling Team.  Cooks are experienced in preparing food for Americans and take extra precautions to ensure team safety.

How do you decide where we'll go?
Bread of Compassion has several global partners who regularly share their needs and advise us where the greatest needs are.

Do we stay in one place?
Traveling Teams may stay in one area or travel to various areas throughout their stay abroad. Each trip has a different itinerary based on the needs of those in the area we plan to serve.