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My week spent with BOC ministering to the people in Haiti was rewarding, challenging as well as a blessing.  I hope I was able to give to the Haitian people as much as they gave to me.  

~Christopher Campagnari MD, FAAFP


Bread of Compassion is pleased to offer two ways in which you can become a partner in our outreach to Haiti.

An Operation 365 Partner will fund the Bread of Compassion health care clinic in Haiti. A dollar-a-day will enable us to staff and serve thousands of people and provide necessary follow-up care. The clinic will include doctors, nurses and administrative personnel in Dolney, Haiti. Bread of Compassion needs 155 compassionate “Friends of Haiti” to cover the cost of this clinic for one year.

A Preventable Disease Partner will enable Bread of Compassion to provide medications for many preventable diseases. These diseases include diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, measles, diabetes, influenza and hyper-tension – all of which steal children’s lives. Medications will be distributed by our team members.

If you would like to become a partner and donate via credit card, please fill-in the amount below and click the corresponding button.

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Preventable Disease Partner:

If you would like to become a partner and donate via check, please fill-out our Partnership Application. We greatly appreciate your partnership!