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Haiti Report - Sept 2011

In September of 2011, a Bread of Compassion medical team traveled to Haiti and conducted five medical clinics. Word spread very fast in each of the villages that there was a medical clinic and within minutes hundreds of people came to receive help. These villages were targeted for help because they do not have access to any medical care. Over 1,400 people were treated, and received free prescriptions. Many of the villagers were dewormed and were given vitamin supplements to take home.

Team organizer Joseph Sapienza said that "there has been little improvement in Haiti since the earthquake of 2010. Many of the survivors that have been living in tents have been relocated into tent cities in the outskirts of Port Au Prince. They are living in newly-formed communities that do not have stores, schools, medical care or normal infra-structure. The need for medical assistance has dramatically increased."

What can be done to lend help to the people of Haiti? Consider volunteering as a team member in one of our upcoming trips. You can donate funds and sponsor a doctor, nurse or volunteer to serve on a medical team. It costs Bread of Compassion $1,600.00 per team member to serve in a mobile clinic. Expenses include the purchase of medical supplies, transportation, team accommodations and translators. Our practice is to run a lean operation to make the most of every dollar spent. Administrative expenses are kept under 3% and no salaries are paid. Everyone volunteers their time and this enables Bread of Compassion to do the most good.

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