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All of my life I've dreamed of being able to make a difference and help those who truly need it.  But, never did I have the opportunity to really reach out and help people on a personal basis the way I did with BOC. When I went on a medical trip to Haiti, I was able to really feel like I had accomplished something great.  We were able to give love and medical care to those that are unfortunately unable to get either. We might not have helped EVERYONE but we did help over 1,400 people in one week, and every little bit counts. If you share a similar dream, I encourage to join up with us and help one person at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.

~Ian Bates


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Bread of Compassion welcomes all who wish to help improve the lives of those in desperate need.

Bread of Compassion relies on volunteers to help prepare supplies for trips, to provide compassionate hands-on care to the people we serve and to help with administrative responsibilities at home and abroad.

Through the generous financial donations of many individuals and organizations, Bread of Compassion continues to make a difference.

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